Wire harness for 3C products
CCSC Interconnect supplies a wide range of interconnect products for the computer, communication & consumer electronics devices We identify new technology trends in the globa ...(Read more)
Wire harness solution for Outdoor Pro-Lighting
In stage and outdoor lighting application, connectors & wire harness design must be all weatherproof and working in high temperature environment for long time Since 2005, C ...(Read more)
Custom solution for robotic
CCSC Interconnect supplies a wide range of top-quality wiring harness for the robotic industry more than 8 years Our engineer can customizes wire harness design to perform ...(Read more)
Custom solution for renewable energy market
Since 2010, CCSC have been a preferred supplier in the design, development, and deployment of interconnect solutions for applications in the renewable energy markets We have ...(Read more)
Smart Manufacturing
Smart manufacturing is at the cutting edge of that new world, so is CCSC Our factory is moving forward to digital manufacturing to benefit our operation In the past 2 ...(Read more)
"傳承"萬家,承創起"行",東莞承創互連電子科技有限公司 -「傳承・行 – 東莞站」2020 04 03...(Read more)
Wishing you a happy and healthy Easter !
Wishing you a happy and healthy Easter !...(Read more)
CCSC World Coverage
From innovative startup to Fortune 500 company, CCSC serving the overseas market with over 20-year experience and thousands of successful cases Today, our product ships all ...(Read more)
Custom-made Connector & Cable expertise from design to mass production
CCSC Interconnect supplying connector, cable & wire harness to more than 50 different industries with our in-house expertise Here showing our product market segment % in ...(Read more)
We are proud of our custom-made interconnect products are making a huge contribution to the world recently It is used for a large quantity of ultra-low temperature medic ...(Read more)

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